This Means Nothing

Le Bijoutier

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ISBN-13: 9781576874172
Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.6
Page Count: 160
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For years, French photographer Le Bijoutier has roamed the five boroughs of New York City, documenting street art as it has developed over the past decade. Unlike graffiti writers, whose bombing campaigns mark them in the public eye as vandals, the work of street artists is celebrated as progressive. Many make their name first on the streets before hitting the gallery world. But before they move on, Le Bijoutier has caught them in all their illegal glory. In This Means Nothing, his first book, Le Bijoutier chronicles these works in sticker, chalk, marker, stencil, wheat paste poster, painting, and even sculpture, revealing a new direction in public destruction for the sake of aesthetic construction. The war continues…

Born and raised in Paris, Le Bijoutier started traveling to the United States at age 12. When he moved to Marseilles, he received recognition for his acclaimed radio show, which airs weekly. He currently travels throughout Europe, promoting reggae and raggamuffin dubplates with his sound system, Dissident Sound. He has exhibited his photographs in Marseilles and Brooklyn.

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