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NYC author DENNARD DAYLE launches his debut collection at POWERHOUSE Arena!

We’re pleased to welcome Dennard Dayle to POWERHOUSE Arena on Tuesday, May 24th for a celebration of the launch of his debut collection, Everything Abridged, an electrifying and wholly original collection of satirical stories that create a bitingly funny portrait of American racism, capitalism, and politics.

Framed as a reference work of humorous “entries” that offer trenchant social commentary, Everything Abridged presages a dark vision of the near future but tells jokes in the face of it: An intelligence agency operative uncovers a conspiracy to generate conspiracies and realizes his participation in the scheme. A Caribbean monarch meets four decades of American presidents and adjusts his country’s foreign policy accordingly. Experiment participants are asked to bring back a gun as quickly as possible. A copywriter on a space colony advertises a weapon with the potential to destroy his home during an intergalactic war.

With his singular wit, sharp prose, and shrewd observations, Dennard Dayle captures the struggles his characters face to keep hold of their sanity in a society collapsing into chaos and absurdity.

Dayle, a Jamaican-American writer from New York City, is a graduate of Princeton University and received his MFA from Columbia University. His short fiction has been published by ClarkesworldMatchbook, the Hard Times, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He will be joined in conversation by Jessi Jezewska Stevens, accomplished author and essayist, making this a night of literature you won’t want to miss!

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Upcoming Book Launches!

*DUMBO* Book Launch: Everything Abridged by Dennard Dayle, in conversation with Rivka Galchen
Tuesday, May 24, 7-9 PM

For readers of David Wong, Paul Beatty, and George Saunders, an electrifying and wholly original collection of satirical stories that create a bitingly funny portrait of American racism, capitalism, and politics.

Framed as a reference work of humorous “entries” that offer trenchant social commentary, Everything Abridged presages a dark vision of the near future but tells jokes in the face of it: An intelligence agency operative uncovers a conspiracy to generate conspiracies and realizes his participation in the scheme; a Caribbean monarch meets four decades of American presidents and adjusts his country’s foreign policy accordingly; and more.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch: The Cook You Want to Be by Andy Baraghani, in conversation with Evan Ross Katz
Wednesday, May 25, 7-9 PM

Andy Baraghani peeled hundreds of onions at Chez Panisse as a teenage intern, honed his perfectly balanced salad-making skills at Estela in New York, and developed recipes in the test kitchens of Saveur, Tasting Table, and Bon Appétit. It took him all those years to figure out the cook he wanted to be: a cook who is true to his Persian heritage, a fresh-vegetable lover, a citrus superfan, and an always-hungry world traveler. In The Cook You Want to Be, Baraghani shows home cooks on how to hone their own cooking styles by teaching the techniques and unexpected flavor combinations that maximize flavor in minimal time.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch: Walk the Vanished Earth by Erin Swan
Tuesday, May 31, 7-9 PM

In the tradition of Station ElevenSeverance and The Dog Stars, a beautifully written and emotionally stirring dystopian novel about how our dreams of the future may shift as our environment changes rapidly, even as the earth continues to spin.

A sweeping family epic, told over seven generations, as America changes and so does its dream, Walk the Vanished Earth explores ancestry, legacy, motherhood, the trauma we inherit, and the power of connection in the face of our planet’s imminent collapse. Thoughtful, warm, and wildly prescient, this work of bright imagination promises that, no matter what the future looks like, there is always room for hope.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch: The Community by N. Jamiyla Chisholm, in conversation with Aimee Meredith Cox
Wednesday, June 1, 7-9 PM

In 1978, when Jamiyla was two years old, her mother, Ummi, quit her job, converted to Islam with her husband, and moved into an exclusive Muslim society in Brooklyn. Once inside the Community, the family was separated by its powerful and charismatic leader, Dwight York, who was hiding behind the name Imam Isa. Instead of the devotional refuge they’d imagined, the Community was a nightmare of controlled abuse and unspeakable secrets. Forty years later, Jamiyla was ready to excavate and understand a past buried in bad dreams, disturbing memories, and inexplicable rage. It was a place Ummi never wanted to return to. Jamiyla had to.

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*INDUSTRY CITY* Book Launch: Stories of Japanese Teaby Zach Mangan, in conversation with Sabato Sagaria
Sunday, June 5, 3-4 PM

Explore the artistry of Japanese tea from cultivation to cup in this comprehensive illustrated guide to the tea industry that includes the Japanese growers, their craft of tea making, and how the tradition of tea has had an influence on cuisine, art, and health.

This visual exploration of one of the world’s most popular beverages tells the stories of tea and tea making in Japan: how it is grown, harvested, and processed, as well as how it is prepared and enjoyed.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch: Battling the Big Lie by Dan Pfeiffer
Monday, June 6, 7-9 PM

From #1 New York Times bestselling author and cohost of Pod Save America—how to combat political disinformation and dangerous lies of the right-wing propaganda machine.

In Battling the Big Lie, bestselling author Dan Pfeiffer dissects how the right-wing built a massive, billionaire-funded disinformation machine powerful enough to bend reality and nearly steal the 2020 election. From the perspective of someone who has spent decades on the front lines of politics and media, Pfeiffer lays out how the right-wing media apparatus works, where it came from, and what progressives can do to fight back against disinformation.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch: Just by Looking at Himby Ryan O’Connell, in conversation with Cat Cohen
Tuesday, June 7, 7-9 PM

Eliot appears to be living the dream as a successful TV writer with a doting boyfriend. But behind his Instagram filter of a life, he’s grappling with an intensifying alcohol addiction, an obsession with sex workers, and overwhelming insecurity. After falling down a rabbit hole of sex, drinking, and Hollywood backstabbing, Eliot decides to limp his way towards redemption. But facing your demons is easier said than done.

Candid, biting, and refreshingly real, Just by Looking at Him offers incisive commentary on gay life, and a heart-centered, laugh-out-loud exploration of self.

Tickets here!

*DUMBO* Book Launch: This Might Be Too Personalby Alyssa Shelasky
Thursday, June 9, 7-9 PM

In this hilarious and intimate essay collection, Alyssa navigates life as a wild-hearted woman and her thrilling career as a sex, relationship, and celebrity writer in New York City. This Might Be Too Personal is like having (several) drinks with your best friend who has seen, heard, and done everything. Literally, everything. Told with a refreshing candor with jolts of humor, comforting relatability, and irresistible energy, Alyssa’s book is the ultimate meditation on living an authentic life with big feelings, hard decisions, and the small victories and painful mistakes of motherhood, womanhood, and profound independence.

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Register for POWERHOUSE’S 

Middle Grade Lit Camp Now!

We are so excited to be bringing back our Middle Grade Lit Camp program for the Summer of 2022! Running through July and August, taking place every two weeks, kids will be able to virtually take part in our book club meetings to discuss four brand-new middle-grade novels. The discussion will be led by our Children’s Book Specialist Brittany, with the added bonus of having the opportunity to ask the authors questions directly.

The enrollment fee for the Summer Lit Camp is $150 and includes the four pre-selected book club books and admission into each virtual discussion. If you can’t make every session no worries! Individual sign-ups are available for $40 per session. Books are available for pick up at our three Brooklyn stores or will be shipped to you. This is an opportunity for kids to connect with other readers their age and have a thought-provoking discussion around a series of diverse books alongside the author. We hope to see all our avid readers soon!

More information about the program and how to register HERE!

In case you missed it:


Author Jessie Sheehan with her Snackable Bakes!

Snapshot from the signing of Snackable Bakes at POWERHOUSE @ IC

Author and baker Jessie Sheehan stopped by POWERHOUSE @ IC last Sunday with some homemade treats to share with attendees to the launch and signing of her debut cookbook, Snackable Bakes100 Easy-Peasy Recipes for Exceptionally Scrumptious Sweets and Treats. What is a snackable bake? An utterly scrumptious, round-the-clock treat that can be assembled in 20 minutes or less! One-bowl, simple, fast, easy-peasy baking recipes made Jessie Sheehan’s TikTok videos a hit, with millions of views and plenty of fans. Her lickety-split recipes were a game-changing addition to foodie culture when she joined the platform. Sheehan’s fuss-free approach, dynamic energy, and kitchen-savvy advice are all on display in this must-have new cookbook.

Stop by our stores for your very own signed copy, or order from us here!

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Back in print from POW! Kids Books!

Lucia the Luchadora and the Million Masks by Cynthia Leonor Garza

With transportive illustrations from Alyssa Bermudez!

From writer and journalist Cynthia Leonor Garza comes Lucia the Luchadora and the Million Masks, the sequel to one of the best books of 2017 according to NPR, Kirkus, Chicago Public Library and more!

Lucía’s little sister Gemma wants to be a luchadora like her big sister, but she is more bumble and splat than pizzazz and seems to find trouble wherever she goes. When Gemma makes a ginormous hole in Lucía’s special silver mask, Lucía is incredulous and exasperated at how her little sister seems to get away with everything. But Lucía’s grandmother, Abu, has an idea: a trip to the mercado to get Gemma her very own lucha libre mask. There are so many masks to choose from, and Lucía can’t resist trying on masks and imagining all the new secret identities she could have if she had endless masks.When Lucía realizes she’s misplaced her special silver mask, a frantic search ensues with Gemma’s help. Lucía the Luchadora’s big heart is on display again in her latest adventure, where she learns that some things, including troublemaking little sisters, are one of a kind. 

Grab your copy from us online or in-person!

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