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 Archways 9 featuring Tivali Thomas, Liza St. James, Danilo Machado, Zoey Greenwald, Lillian Paige Walton and Leah Sophia Dworkin

Join us on December 2nd at 7PM to welcome ARCHWAY EDITIONS, the imprint of our very own powerHouse Books as they launch Archways 9! 

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Archway Editions is the literary imprint of powerHouse Books, the artbook publisher distributed by Simon & Schuster.

Archway’s mission statement is “to publish the finest authors, at all stages of their careers, who write material which is at odds with the prevailing status quo, both legendary and emerging. This series is designed to be a literary compliment to the trailblazing artbooks of powerHouse Books proper, pocket-sized texts that are guaranteed to alter the way you see the world.”

Published or forthcoming titles include Ishmael Reed’s The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Paul Schrader’s First Reformed and Alice Notley’s Runes & Chords. The imprint is genre-blind with a goal to publish unconventional books for the widest possible audience.

Archways is the accompanying reading series, which aims to bring that into practice. Works from each event are compiled into anthologies of the same name. This is the ninth iteration – advance copies of the first anthology will be available for purchase!!

POWERHOUSE is hiring! 

We are looking for an events coordinator and experienced booksellers. Find more details here!

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Upcoming Book Launches!

*DUMBO* Archway Editions presents the LAUNCH of

BIMBOLAND by Erin Taylor
Saturday Dec 03, 7-9 PM

Bimboland is an astonishing debut poetry collection wrestling with desire, vulnerability, sex work and money from writer and poet Erin Taylor.

Bimboland is an astute and confident debut, balancing, in their blistering and tender style, their life as a sex worker and socialist politics. The poems are full of desire and vulnerability, insight and calls to action, both personal and societal. You can get lost in the insatiable pace of their words and the way in which you feel, as they feel, “powerful yet somehow / nothing.”

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*DUMBO* Book Signing:

PUNK PARADOX by Greg Graffin
Tuesday Dec 13, 7-9 PM

Punk Paradox is Graffin’s life narrative before and during L.A. punk’s early years, detailing his observations on the genre’s explosive growth and his band’s steady rise in importance. The book begins by exploring Graffin’s Midwestern roots and his life-changing move to Southern California in the mid-’70s. Swept up into the burgeoning punk scene in the exhilarating and often-violent streets of Los Angeles, Graffin and his friends formed Bad Religion, built a fanbase, and became a touring institution. All these activities took place in parallel with Graffin’s never ceasing quest for intellectual enlightenment. Despite the demands of global tours, recording sessions, and dedication to songwriting, the author also balanced a budding academic career. In so doing, he managed to reconcile an improbable double-life as an iconic punk rock front man and University Lecturer in evolution.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch:

Local by Jessica Machado
Thursday Jan 12, 7-9 PM

A powerful, lush memoir about a Hawaiian woman who ran away from paradise to discover who she is and where she belongs.

Born and raised in Hawai‘i by a father whose ancestors are indigenous to the land and a mother from the American South, Jessica Machado wrestles with what it means to be “local.” Feeling separate from the history and tenets of Hawaiian culture that have been buried under the continental imports of malls and MTV, Jessica often sees her homeland reflected back to her from the tourist perspective―as an uncomplicated paradise. Her existence, however, feels far from that ideal. Balancing her parents’ divorce, an ailing mother, and growing anxiety, Jessica rebels. She moves to Los Angeles, convinced she’ll leave her complicated family behind and define herself. Instead, her isolation only becomes more severe, and her dying mother follows her to California. For Jessica, the only way to escape is a reckless downward spiral.

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*DUMBO* Book Launch:

Palo Alto A History of California, Capitalism, and the World by Malcolm Harris
Wednesday Mar 01, 7-9 PM

In PALO ALTO, the first comprehensive, global history of Silicon Valley, Malcolm Harris examines how and why Northern California evolved in the particular, consequential way it did, tracing the ideologies, technologies, and policies that have been engineered there over the course of 150 years of Anglo settler colonialism, from IQ tests to the “tragedy of the commons,” racial genetics, and “broken windows” theory. The Internet and computers, too. It’s a story about how a small American suburb became a powerful engine for economic growth and war, and how it came to lead the world into a surprisingly disastrous 21st century. PALO ALTO is an urgent and visionary history of the way we live now, one that ends with a clear-eyed, radical proposition for how we might begin to change course.

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powerHouse Books

A Time Before Crack and Back in the Days: Signed copies now in stores!

Order Time Before Crack here!

“Deeply unpretentious and undistracted by the trendy new aesthetics or technologies, Mr. Shabazz is the best kind of photojournalist: one driven simply by curiosity about other human beings.”
—Ken Johnson, The New York Times

Once upon a time before crack, inner city communities were blighted by poverty and unemployment—but not by the drug wars that tore families apart, destroying lives with needless violence and mindless addiction. Once upon a time before crack, pride and style were as inseparable as a beatbox and mixtape, or as a pair of shoes and matching purse. Once upon a time before crack, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, working the streets of New York City, capturing the faces and places of an era that have long since disappeared.

Best known as Hip Hop’s finest fashion photographer for his blockbuster best-selling monograph, Back in the Days (powerHouse Books, 2001), Shabazz revisited his archive and unearthed an extraordinary collection of never-before-published documentary photographs collected for his third powerHouse Books release, A Time Before Crack, a visual diary of the streets of New York City from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties, Shabazz’s distinctive photographs reveal the families, the poses, and the players who made this age extraordinary.

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