emily love sze alice landscape turn
Envelope Poems – Emily Dickinson

This incredible volume will give you so much more perspective on one of the world’s best poets.


Love Poems – Pablo Neruda

One of the bestselling books of poetry here – or anywhere!



Sight Lines – Arthur Sze

Winner of the National Book Award for Poetry!



For The Ride – Alice Notley

The latest from this absolute legend – experimental verse to really alter your mental landscape.

Landscape With Sex and Violence –
Lynn Melnick
A serious grappling with rape culture and what it means for America.


Tape For The Turn of the Year –
A.R. AmmonsAn amazing classic book of poetry to set a contemplative tone for the year.
su arch1 arch2 captor xoeteox grass
Landia – Celina Su

One of the most popular books of poetry we’ve carried in the past year!



Archways 1

The first volume of work from Archway Editions’ event series Archways!

Archways 2

The second volume of work from Archway Editions’ event series Archways!

The Language of My Captor – Shane McCrae

A book about freedom told through stories of captivity.

Xoeteox –
Edwin Torres
The absolute legend of downtown poetry – another Powerhouse favorite!
Leaves of Grass – Walt Whitman

The one… the only…