ARCHWAY EDITIONS PRESENTS: Re-Up for ACID VIRGA by Gabriel Kruis with Matt Longabucco, Ricardo Maldonado, Joni Murphy, Nat Ward and Marie Buck

ARCHWAY EDITIONS PRESENTS: Re-Up for ACID VIRGA by Gabriel Kruis with Matt Longabucco, Ricardo Maldonado, Joni Murphy, Nat Ward and Marie Buck

Saturday May 15, 2021
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

McGolrick Park
Russell Street & Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

This event is IN PERSON!  RSVP below, or register for the livestream here!

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an RSVP for this event DOES NOT guarantee entrance. This is a free-access event — entrance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the Event.

With vaccinations on the rise and new CDC guidelines concerning outdoor activity, POWERHOUSE’s own Archway Editions is proud to present Re-Up, a series of readings designed to re-celebrate the host of notable works released during last year’s lockdown. In honor of Gabriel Kruis’s memoir-in-verse Acid Virga (Archway Editions), this first event will include: Talking Animals by Joni Murphy (FSG Originals), Unsolved Mysteries by Marie Buck (Roof Books), The Life Assignment by Ricardo Maldonado (Four Way Books), M/W by Matt Longabucco (Ugly Duckling Presse), and Big Throat by Nat Ward (Kris Graves Projects).

This is the very first in-person LIVE EVENT for Acid Virga. Take your selves, your blankets, drinks, and snacks to McGolrick Park. We’ll be there all afternoon with a book table open and ready to make sales (or tune in live at the link above)!


About the Book.

“Gabriel Kruis is a really formidable poet. Acid Virga is rather terrifying, also a tour de force and a formal breakthrough. . . a blend of narrative and lyric the way the mind is. . . ” —ALICE NOTLEY

“As wildly visionary as it is linguistically alive, Gabriel Kruis’s Acid Virga drills down into the bedrock of American life to produce a book unparalleled in its exploration of how visionary experience and social upheaval collide in ways that are both transformative and annihilating.” —TOM SLEIGH

“If you’ve ever been conscious, and felt a little disturbed about it, of life as ancient and ephemeral or that falling apart is an integral force, this is a book to read over and over.” —STACY SZYMASZEK

“. . .a great affliction and affection inform Acid Virga, fast-moving with strophes like brisk moving cloud banks over the mind in your heart.” —MAJOR JACKSON

in el mal pais,
leaned out on mucinex,
mixing dexy cocktails
in the haloed pharmacy
of the car…”

An unusually assured debut, Acid Virga is a memoir in verse cutting between a vivid Southwest upbringing and modern O’Hara hustle in New York City, deeply and seriously reckoning with the psychedelic heritage of religion and the psychological clarity of chemical consciousness. It is both thrillingly propulsive and dense enough to read again and again, always offering up something new. Language is boundlessly specific, evocative of states internal and external, reading at times like a melancholy memoir stuck between stations, an epic poem or even a philosophical tract, always a true and important record of our American lives as lived now—an endless and reliable ticker tape of the soul.






About The Author.

Gabriel Kruis is a New Mexican poet and educator living and writing in Brooklyn. He is a cofounder of Wendy’s Subway Reading Room and his work has been published in A Perfect VacuumPEN America Poetry SeriesOmniVerseThe Brooklyn RailAtlas ReviewFrontier Poetry, among others.


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