Book Launch: 1 Page at a Time by Adam J. Kurtz, with Kate Berlant & Jessica Walsh

Book Launch: 1 Page at a Time by Adam J. Kurtz, with Kate Berlant & Jessica Walsh

Tuesday Oct 07, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

For more information, please call 718.666.3049

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Graphic designer and all-around nice person Adam J. Kurtz celebrates the release of his one-page-a-day book to help you draw, write, list, reflect, and share. Comedian Kate Berlant joins for a short set and “40 Days of Dating’s” Jessica Walsh joins in conversation!

About 1 Page at a Time:

You’ve probably seen artist and graphic designer Adam J. Kurtz—also known as ADAMJK—around the Internet. Adam and his work, like the popular “Sorry I Am Such an Asshole” balloon and “What Is This?” Joy Division parody t-shirt, have a hip and meme-y quality, but with emotion. Adam isn’t running from intense feelings. He’s making art out of them. And he has been featured at Nylon, PAPER and on the Urban Outfitters blog, among other popular outlets.

In 1 Page at a Time: A Year-Long Creative Companion, Adam invites users into his contemporary world with 365 prompts, comprising a journal that is part tangible therapy, part zine, part sketchbook and scrapbook, and part calendar—which will eventually become a creative year in review.

Users are invited to:

  • · List everything that went wrong in a day
  • · Create playlists
  • · Explore what they are really searching for
  • · Forget money
  • · Write a text message they just can’t send
  • · Calm down and relax
  • · Create their own tombstones
  • · Send physical mail to internet friends

And more

1 Page at a Time possesses emotional elements—some dark, some hopeful. It’s a book for slowing down and writing with a pen in an internet age. It’s a book for young people vascillating between the internet and IRL, and for older people who don’t quite “get” the internet too. It’s a place to overshare, a daily practice, and amazingly—it’s entirely made of paper.

About the Author:


Adam J. Kurtz is a graphic designer and nice person. He lives in Brooklyn.


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