Book Launch: On My Knees by Periel Aschenbrand

Book Launch: On My Knees by Periel Aschenbrand

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Bad benders, a run-in with Philip Roth, ill-advised hookups, a trip to Israel—Periel Aschenbrand’s memoir Is readable, ribald, and laugh-out-loud funny. Drinks will be served.


Periel Aschenbrand is well on her way to becoming a household name. Her signature wit won national attention when she coined the phrase “The only bush I trust is my own.” Those eight words became the title of her nationally-acclaimed first book, and now she’s back with ON MY KNEES.  A dark, dirty yet poignant comedy, ON MY KNEES chronicles the despair of a breakup, the self-destructive behavior that follows,  and the discovery of self and unexpected love—with plenty of obscenities along the way.

ON MY KNEES opens with Aschenbrand—still reeling from a split with her longtime boyfriend—squatting in her deceased grandmother’s apartment and chain-smoking her days away on a plastic-covered couch while watching reruns of Law and Order. Where The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own found her indomitable and fearless; in ON MY KNEES, Aschenbrand is broken and demoralized, wondering if she will ever bounce back and find love again.

Armed with her wicked wit and a motley cast of characters that includes her hovering Jewish mother, an eccentric uncle, and her neurotic best friend/wing woman, Aschenbrand embarks on her journey into the many circles of single-girl hell—crazy one night stands; an unhealthy attachment to a dental hygienist; a run-in with Phillip Roth;l and, in the end, a trip to Israel and an encounter with a man who helps her regain her footing and find her heart.

In the spirit of funny women such as Chelsea Handler and Sara Silverman, Aschenbrand strips herself bare – literally – in this shocking, addictive, and hilarious tale.

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Periel Aschenbrand is the author of the critically acclaimed book The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own. Heralded as “feisty, foxy, and smart” by Paper magazine and a “femme fatale” by the New York Post, Aschenbrand is living up to the New York Times‘ prediction that “with these eight words (the only bush I trust is my own) Periel Aschenbrand will be famous.” She has become a true modern day voice for her whole generation.

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