Book Launch: Profit & Purpose by Kyle Westaway

Book Launch: Profit & Purpose by Kyle Westaway

Thursday Sep 11, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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From startups like Warby Parker and Etsy to blue chip firms like Nike and IBM, Westaway shows how innovative organizations are disrupting the profit or purpose paradigm and proving that industries can generate both.

About Profit & Purpose

The current paradigm forces an either/or choice. An organization either exists to maximize profit or purpose. Recently a groundswell of innovative organizations have disrupted that paradigm and proven that an organization can generate profit and purpose. Social innovation is changing everything.


Based on in-depth interviews with founders, Profit & Purpose profiles a number of the most successful pioneers in this new way forward, telling the stories of thirteen organizations ranging from non-profits like Charity: Water and to for-profits like Burt’s Bees and Method; and from startups like Warby Parker and Etsy to blue chip firms like Nike and IBM. Kyle Westaway digs beneath the public stories of the organizations’ success to reveal the nuts and bolts strategies to maximize profit and purpose. Taking readers behind the scenes he shows an honest portrayal of the challenges leading social enterprises faced as they progressed along the treacherous journey from concept to scale. Though Westaway found was that there is no magic formula for success, but there are seven core practices that distinguish thes market leaders from less successful contenders. They are:

DISCOVER THROUGH CURIOSITY. How finding the right opportunity catalyzes impact.
DESIGN WITH HUMILTY. How prioritizing users creates breakthrough products.
BUILD THROUGH HUSTLE. How rallying people creates critical momentum for launch.
FUND BY COMMITMENT. How aligning funders around a vision creates committed partners.
CONNECT WITH AUTHENTICITY. How authentic connection builds a movement.
SCALE THROUGH COMMUNITY. How focusing on culture ensures smart growth.
EVALUATE WITH HONESTY. How honest measurement ensures continual improvement.

By applying these values, those building their own organizations (social entrepreneurs) and those seeking to create change within an existing organization (social intrapreneurs) will lead us into the future of business by blending profit and purpose.

About the Author: 

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Kyle Westaway is Founding Partner at Westaway & Co., an innovative Brooklyn law firm that counsels social entrepreneurs, and a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship. 
He writes on social innovation, entrepreneurship and emerging markets for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, TIME and Quartz. He launched, a blog on the legal side of social enterprise, and, a blog on the future of work. 
Kyle co-founded Biographe, a socially conscious fashion brand employing and empowering survivors of the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia. He advises companies on social innovation strategy and speaks around the country on social entrepreneurship and the future of work. Kyle also serves as a mentor for Harvard’s I-Lab and Praxis.


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