Book Launch: What’s Your Story? by Brandon Doman

Book Launch: What's Your Story? by Brandon Doman

Monday Jun 01, 2015
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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What’s Your Story is a powerful culmination of The Strangers Project, a mission Doman undertook in 2009 to collect true experiences from complete strangers by asking them one simple yet revealing question.

About What’s Your Story? :

Five years ago Brandon Doman set out to collect stories from the people we share our world with compelled by a desire to get a glimpse into the lives of the people around him. Doman first set up shop in an Ann Arbor coffee house in 2009, requesting passerby’s share a story with him – no prompt, no theme, any story, just so long as it was true. Providing only paper, pens, and clipboards, Doman created an exploratory space that instantly intrigued people. His rapid accumulation of stories confirmed that those strangers were eager to share and equally curious – thus The Strangers Project was born.  Since then, the project has become immensely successful, engaging strangers of all ages and backgrounds who use the anonymous opportunity to reflect, rejoice, heal, and connect through words.

What’s Your Story? is a collection of 250 handwritten stories that powerfully reflect the essence of this project.  The stories are astonishing in their honesty — conveying a range of human experience, from the humorous to the heartbreaking to the profound, and are arranged to mirror the common encounters that happen between strangers every day.

A celebration of human curiosity and our need for connection, What’s Your Story? opens us to new possibilities and provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of others with one simple question: What’s your story?

About the Author:

unnamed-2Brandon Doman is an artist, speaker, and developer.  After finishing his degree in creative writing, he began The Strangers Project.  In addition to collecting stories, he travels the country visiting college campuses, raising awareness about mental health through Active Minds, and suicide prevention through the program Send Silence Packing.  He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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