BROOKLYN BOOK FESTIVAL: Laughing Through Tears

BROOKLYN BOOK FESTIVAL: Laughing Through Tears

Sunday Oct 04, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Laughing Through Tears. A woman about to marry someone she doesn’t love. Gay men who can’t stop lying. A struggling writer’s desperate quest for connection. Black women who defy societal expectations to explore their dreams and desires. These characters may sound troubled, but what their authors have in common is a dark sense of humor when writing about love, sexuality, and getting older. Join award-winning author Marie-Helene Bertino (Parakeet), critically-acclaimed novelist Sarah Gerard (True Love), debut author Peter Kispert (I Know You Know Who I Am), and National Book Award long-lister Deesha Philyaw (The Secret Lives of Church Ladies) discuss humor as a means to survival. Moderated by Kendall Storey, associate editor at Catapult.

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